How to get there

How To Get There

City Transit

Entry to the show area can only be gained through the vestibule of Pavilion E, off of Krizovskeho Street. The nearest transit stop is called Veledrom. The stop services bus routes 84 (from Mendlova Square) and 44 (towards Mendlova Square)

By Train

  1. From the main CD (Ceske Drahy – Czech Rail) Terminal No.1 (Bystrc – Ecerova Line) to the stop at Vystaviste (main entrance). From there, continue on foot to Krizovskeho Street to the entry vestibule of Pavilion E (a distance of about 800m).
  2. From the main CD (Ceske Drahy – Czech Rail) Terminal No.1 (Bystrc – Ecerova Line) to the stop at Mendlovo Square. At the Square, board the No.84 bus and take it to the stop at Veledrom, from where you will backtrack about 100m to the entry vestibule at Pavilion E.


A similar method of getting to the show can be used in the case of arriving at the Grand Hotel in Brno by bus. It is in close proximity to the railway station, and you can access the streetcar via the underpass to the stop.

If you arrive at the main bus station (Ustredni autobusove nadrazi) Zvonarka, we recommend going through the shopping mall Vannkovka, in the direction of the main station (about a seven minute walk), and from there, continuing on by streetcar or bus (according to the instructions below).

Transportation fares can be found on Brno City Transit’s website. Departures of individual connections can be found at

By Car

With respect to the simultaneous Masaryk University celebrations in Brno, that also uses up all available space at the venue, parking will not be made available even at other locations throughout the facility. Therefore, we recommend making use of the parking facilities at the KART ARENA BRNO s.r.o. garage (Krizovskeho 516/51, 603 00, Brno), within walking distance of the Pavilion E entrance.

A note of caution! Parking at Pavilion B near the show hall will be strictly restricted ONLY in advance for registered vendors. Other vehicles (participating modelers, disabled persons, etc.) may enter through Gate 4 with an entrance fee of 500Kc per hour.

Gate 4 co-ordinates are 49°11'4.89"N; 16°34'55.61"E, and entrance is off Krizkovskeho Street.

Note: Gate 4 is not accessible to pedestrian traffic.

Pavilion B

The entrance to the pavilion is wheelchair accessible. There will be enough space between tables to accommodate wheelchairs. All models will be displayed on the ground floor of the pavilion.

Lodgings in Brno

For the show visitors and participants, we recommend the following lodgings:

Hotel Myslivna ***

Hotel Myslivna is an approximately five minute drive from the show and has its own parking facilities.

Voronez I ****

Hotel Voronez I is located about 200m from Pavilion B and also has its own parking facilities.

Hotel Voronez II ***

Hotel Voronez II is about 80m from Pavilion B and has its own parking facilities.

Points of Interest in Brno and Surrounding Areas

Those interested can visit the technical museum in Brno and a multitude of beautiful, historic memorials throughout the city of Brno (Spilberk Castle, the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, the Kapucinska Crypt). Not far from Brno is the Slavkovske Battlefield, the site of the 1805 Battle of the Three Emporors. About 35km from Brno is the Vyskov Air Museum.

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